Q. My Pantry is wider than 600mm (external cabinet width) can I order a drawer kit to create a Blum SPACE TOWER?

Yes! We can provide a Blum SPACE TOWER custom made to suit your double door pantry up to a maximum width of 900mm (868mm internal width) Only available in Premium Range drawers

 Please contact us for more information. 


Q. How long will my order take?

Usually 12-14 working days from when you place your order. This could extend slightly due to very busy periods or other circumstances beyond our control, but we'll do our utmost to get your new drawer kit to you ASAP.


Q. What do I receive in my order from Pantry Drawers Online?

You'll receive a delivery of multiple boxes containing your new fully assembled custom made drawers as well as the drawer runners, all the necessary screws and spacers (to clear the doors & hinges) to create a Blum SPACE TOWER in your existing pantry or kitchen base cabinet. When your order is shipped we send you a link & password to access the easy to follow video instructions that will guide you through planning & fitting of the drawer runners. We've now fast-tracked your new pantry fit-out!


Q. Can I install these drawers in a corner pantry?

No, our drawers are not suitable for corner pantry’s


Q. I have a walk-in pantry/room with shelving attached to plasterboard walls, can I install your drawers?

No, our drawer kits are for existing cabinets made of Melamine or coloured panelboard, the material usually has a thickness of 16mm or 18mm .

If you have a walk-in pantry that has cabinets with adjustable shelves, contact us for more information on suitability.

You can also send us a photo of your pantry if you're in doubt.


Q. How wide do you make the drawers?

Our drawer kits are custom made to suit your cabinet, anywhere from 300mm-600mm wide (external width) for a SINGLE DOOR pantry. If you have a 600mm wide double door cabinet or a pantry wider than 600mm please contact us for information. The widest cabinet we can manufacture drawers for is 900mm (868mm internal) in the Premium Range only.

Please note, in very narrow pantry cabinets Eg.300mm wide (external) you may need specialised tools that can work in tight spaces like a right angled drill driver. These can also be hired from various tool hire companies.


Q. I have a very deep pantry, how long are your drawers?

Our Premium Range (Blum TANDEMBOX antaro) drawer kits are available in either 450mm, 500mm, or 550mm lengths. We supply the longest drawer based on the depth of the cabinet that they’re going in to. Example - Cabinet depth of 645mm, we would supply 550mm long drawers.

For Standard Range (Blum METABOX) the available drawer lengths are: 400mm, 450mm, & 500mm


Q. Do I need to provide my measurements in centimetres (cm) or millimetres (mm)? 

We work in millimetres for accuracy - please provide all measurements in millimetres.


Q. What happens if my new drawers arrive and they don't fit in my cabinet?

We cut and assemble your new drawers which is calculated by software to perfectly fit the measurements that you provide. 

It's a really good idea to double check ALL your measurements before you submit them with your order, as the old saying goes...

"Measure Twice, Cut Once"

We can also re-cut new material if you’ve totally blown your measurements!

For a fee plus delivery we can Cut, Drill & Edge new material based on the new “correct” dimensions if you’ve made a mistake with the original measurements that you provided with your order. We will also send you step by step video instructions to assemble the drawers with your new revised parts.


Q. Are the drawers hard to fit? 

 No way!  If you can use a drill and a tape measure, you can easily retrofit your pantry with our drawer kits by simply screwing in the runners and sliding in your new fully assembled custom made drawers. We even send you easy to follow video instructions plus tips to ensure everything operates perfectly.